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Services & Repair

CRM SolutionsAny organisation that is in the business of providing repair services for specific types of items (e.g. watches, bags, machines) will benefit from the Pandora Services and Repair that is designed to help manage their business better. Too often these organisations just make use of a simple point-of-sale machine to record sales transactions and collect cash. A point-of-sale machine is undoubtedly important but it does not deliver significant process improvement required to offer a superior customer experience that is central to this business.

Pandora Services and Repair addresses challenges and issues in Customer Relations, Repair Operations and Point of Sales, three key areas that any services and repair business need to master. It achieves this by embedding POS and Repairs modules within a full-fledged customer relationship management (CRM) system that is extremely easy to use.


Customer Relations

  • Maintain a full log of customer activities (calls, meetings, emails) against the customer record
  • Maintain a complete list of items owned or serviced by customer
  • One window view into everything that has happened between customer and organization

Repair Operations

  • Uniquely identify each service or repair item so that all activities related to that item may be tracked
  • Flexibility to define unique service reports that form basis for all services performed on the item
  • Transfer item from one location to another with full log of the movements maintained
  • Facility to trigger email alerts to customer at different points along the repair/service process
  • Customer may check on the progress online using an encoded url sent to them by email
  • One window view of everything related ot the item, including services performed, calls/emails exchanged, historical service reports etc.
  • Full visibility to front-end/retail personnel on item's status and location at all times

Point of Sales

  • Basic web-based point of sales that may be deployed across multiple point of service locations scalably
  • Shift and cashier control to ensure cash collection is reconciled at the end of every shift and handed over to next shift with full accountability
  • Multiple modes of payments with support for foreign currency transactions
  • Fully integrated with Operations and Customer Relations module
  • Invoice and/or Receipts generated with formats user-definable
  • Flexibility to add non-service items for accessories sales, discounts, promotions, etc.


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