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e-Bidding Engine

e-Bidding Engine

Online commerce is evolving rapidly with merchants continuously looking for innovative ways to attract and retain customers and customers in turn demanding more than a plain simple online purchasing experience. It is not uncommon to see merchants offering a multitude of shopping options, including group buys, dutch auctions, penny auctions etc in addition to the standard product catalogue and shopping cart driven purchasing option.

It is easy for merchants to purchase a collection of off-the-shelf scripts for a few hundred dollars and get a few developers to incorporate them in their e-commerce site to get their site running but many merchants that went this route have seen their sites severely compromised. Most of those scripts are not market ready and are not capable of scaling up to handle thousands or even hundreds of connections.

Pandora e-Bidding Engine has proven its mettle in high volume transaction environment, repelling and withstanding countless syndicated attacks unscathed.



  • Comprehensive Backoffice: lot of hard work goes into managing and maintaining the multiple purchase options. It offers a wide range of administrative and transaction management functions to help merchants manage the backoffice operations with a lean team.

  • Analytics: Complex nature of purchase options means that engine parameters and rules of purchase need to be tuned continously to arrive at a desired business outcome. It comes with a large collection of standard reports and charts/graphs that provide merchants the insights they need to finetune their site.

  • Compatibility: It is fully compatible with Pandora – B2B/B2C Commerce, making expansion of functionalities in either direction possible without much hassle.



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