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B2B/B2C E-Commerce

B2B/B2C E-Commerce

At a time when online selling in general and e-commerce in particular is growing at a phenomenal rate there is a wide range of platforms and products that an organization could use to establish an e-commerce presence. Many products available in the market miss the mark totally by not addressing critical business issues that any aspiring e-commerce organization faces. Pandora B2B/B2C E-Commerce is a robust, scalable and highly customizable e-commerce platform that addresses these issues.



  • Time to Market: Full range of out of the box functions that any e-commerce site would need. Very little or no development effort involved unless there is a need to tweak those standard functions.

  • Integration with Operations: An important consideration for B2B commerce is which orders need to flow seamlessly into the fulfillment system and some information in the backoffice system needs to be selectively shown in the e-commerce site. This product is an extension of Trading, Distribution and Manufacturing. Exchange of information between the two products is in real time.

  • Design and Function Flexibility: Powerful templating engine available to quickly change the design and function without changing the core functions.

  • Hosting and Search Engine Marketing Support: PBA Solutions supports all e-commerce sites with its hosting and search engine marketing services to drive online traffic. A magnificent site without much traffic is of little use.



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