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Warehouse Management System

Warehouse Management SystemPBA Solutions specializes in Warehouse Management Software solutions and services. Pandora Warehouse Management System, a warehousing software, is ideal for start-up to mid-sized warehouses that want to optimize inventory and warehousing processes.

Pandora WMS is a simple yet powerful tool that provides the following benefits:

  • automates tedious physical warehouse processes like manual stock-receive, stock-release and stock-take
  • streamlines data communication between office and warehouse
  • increases efficiency, accuracy and productivity
  • increases profitability due to overall reductions in time and expenditure

The solution includes a Mobile Application and ERP Application, that is highly flexible and customizable to specific business needs.

Mobile Application Features

Mobile Application Features

Robust mobile application designed to run on ruggedized hardware devices, it works in both online as well as offline mode. It supports all standard inventory and warehousing functions out of the box. It works seamlessly with Pandora ERP.


  1. Processes Supported
    • Inventory In - Receive goods and generate material receipts based on confirmed POs.
    • Inventory Out - Do inventory transfers between locators, and warehouses.
    • Inventory Movement - Release goods and generate delivery orders based on picklists converted from conrmed sales orders.
    • Inventory Count - Do stock-take on warehouses seamlessly.

  2. Online Mode
    Sync Master Data   Sync Transactions


  3. Semi-Offline Mode (for warehouses with partial WiFi coverage
    Receiving Process
    Releasing Process


ERP Application

ERP Application

Seamlessly integrated with the mobile application, Pandora ERP is a comprehensive system for inventory and warehouse management. It is a multi-warehouse, multi-company, multi-currency, multi-location system accessible from the desktop and web. Offers support for end to end processes including Sales, Purchase, Accounting, Manufacturing, AR/AP/GL and more.


Process Overview

Process Overview

Standardise processes by placing controls and checks at critical points along the sales process to maintain high integrity and accuracy of sales data.

Sales Order - Picklist - DO

Purchase Order - Material Receipt

Inventory Transfer


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