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Trading, Distribution and Manufacturing

Trading, Distribution & Manufacturing

Designed for organizations that build, stock, distribute and sell physical products, The Pandora Trading, Distribution and Manufacturing helps them manage their entire range of processes covering Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Warehousing, Manufacturing and Accounting.

Highly Flexible and Scalable Platform Features

  • Multi-Channel: System may be accessed through web browser or desktop application
  • Multi-Language: Central repository of translations available for easy definition and maintenance of languages
  • Multi-Accounting: Maintenance of multiple books in different currencies possible
  • Multi-Tax/Currency/Organisation: subsidiaries may reside in the same system and financial reporting may be done at different levels in the organization structure. Full support for multiple taxes and currencies.

Standard Version Functions

  • Business Partner Management: manage and maintain information related to customers, vendors and employees
  • Material Management: Define and maintain products, services and bill of materials and their product attributes. Define and maintain cross-references, price lists and replenishment rules.
  • Accounting Rules: define and maintain the rules by which transactions are posted to General Ledger, including financial periods, chart of accounts mapping and accounts for different types of transactions
  • Sales Management: Maintain price lists, discount schemas and apply against business partner profiles. Set credit control policies. Create Quotations and convert them to Sales Order for confirmation. Issue Delivery Order and Invoices against Sales Order.
  • Purchase Management: Define price lists and price breaks against vendors and products. Issue Purchase Order and perform Goods Receive against the purchase order. Perform three-way matching between purchase order, goods receive and vendor invoice.
  • Inventory Management: Keep track of on hand, reserved and ordered. Full transparency and traceability on inventory movements. Maintain inventory costing on Average, LIFO or FIFO.
  • Material Requirements Management: Calculate what and when to produce and/or what and when to purchase, taking into account multi-level bom structures, confirmed sales orders, issued purchase orders, on hand inventory and forecasts. Automatically generate purchase orders and job orders.
  • Production Management: Issue job orders manually or automatically through material requirements planning. Attach routes to each job order batch. Define and maintain capacities for each production resource and assign job orders to production resource to plan for capacity.
  • Warehouse Management: Organize inventory by warehouse and locator. Automate stocking of item receipts into predefined locators. Define physical inventory movement policy.


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