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Mobile Sales Fulfilment

Mobile Sales FulfilmentAny organisation that operates and manages a large fleet of delivery vehicles for fulfillment stands to benefit from Pandora's Mobile Sales Fulfillment module. It comes with a backoffice module that is fully integrated with Pandora's Trading, Distribution and Manufacturing module. The backend module in turn communicates in real time with Android mobile application for real time exchange of sales, order and inventory information. Together they deliver functions and features designed for Recording, Disseminating, Fulfilling and Reconciling customer orders.


Backoffice Module

  • Record customer orders using an easy to use screen designed for speed and accuracy. Perfect for call-center type of environment that needs to record a large volume of orders
  • Auto/Manual matching of orders to delivery personnel based on geographic area assigned to the personnel and customer's delivery address
  • Track fulfillment of orders on real-time
  • Reconcile cash collected with orders delivered to eliminate cash pilferage
  • Self-service kiosk for delivery personnel to request for inventory and check their historical delivery records
  • Reassign orders from one delivery personnel to another
  • Support for in-house as well as outsourced delivery personnel

Android Mobile Application

  • Works in Offline as well as Online Mode. Transactions recorded in Offline Mode are synchronised automatically when connection to the Backoffice module is established
  • Check order delivery queue
  • Print Invoice and Delivery Order using mobile printer
  • Check current inventory status
  • Record new orders
  • Request for order reassignment
  • Mass inventory and order transfer in the event of vehicle breakdown

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