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HR, Payroll & Resource Deployment

Human Resource SolutionsIn a market crowded with standard human resources and payroll systems, Pandora goes beyond offering standard functions to make a tangible impact in any organization's productivity and degree of automation. We understand that while it is important to be able to accurately calculate payroll and maintain employee database, it is not enough in today's competitive business climate. Organisations need to see technology as an indispensable strategic tool to Attract, Manage and Retain employees.


Human Resources

Maintain a detailed database of all your employees, recording everything that has happened between the employee and employer, starting right from the time a job application is submitted to employee's exit from the organization. Some key information recorded are:

  • detailed personal particulars covering education, work experience, trainings, referrals
  • job application and interview log
  • career and compensation progression
  • generate all official documents and store them against employee profile
  • log of disciplinary actions
  • log of assets issued


Standard payroll computations cover base salary, overtime, leaves/public holidays/rest days, deductions, Central Provident Fund (CPF), bonuses and advances with flexibility to have multiple pay cycles within a month. Beyond delivering standard functions, Pandora makes a significant difference by providing

  • absolute flexibility in calculation of variable components using small little independent programs called 'classlets'
  • seamless integration with attendance tracking
  • complete flexibility in definition of payslip formats
  • no limits on number of advances, deductions, bonuses, base pay components, loans and allowances

Resource Allocation and Attendance Tracking

Pandora makes it a breeze to deploy a large team of pesonnel across multiple sites and track their attendance in real time to make eleventh hour changes to deployment plan. This module works together with on-site Attendance Tracking module to provide real time check-in/checkout feed to the resource planner.

  • Grid-based planning interface
  • Colour coded cells that change color in real time as personnel check-in/checkout on site
  • Can be used for manual attendance tracking as well, without onsite Attendance Tracking module
  • Open architecture that supports replacement of Attendance Tracking module with any other attendance tracking device/systems
  • Attendance Tracking module doubles up as Visitor Management system as well


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